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Nutti The Squirrel Who Couldn’t Eat Nuts

All squirrels eat nuts but then Nutti is not your average squirrel. The lovable squirrel can’t wait to try his first nut. Then disaster strikes – he falls ill and has to go and see Dr Owl. It turns out that Nutti is allergic to nuts.

The news is a huge blow to Nutti who now believes he will never be a real squirrel, for surely eating nuts is what being a squirrel is all about?

Can Nutti find a way to feel like a “real squirrel”?

“Nutti the Squirrel is a super little story book, showing how a young child might feel when he finds out that he is allergic to nuts. A very sensitive and ideal book for allergic children and their friends”.

Lindsey McManus

Deputy CEO Allergy UK